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Mystic Pepper
1 Pepper = 0.07 ETH
Warning: Binance Smart Chain will NOT work. ETH only.

Why should I invest in Pepper Attack?

Long-term Growth

A Pepper NFT is more than a profile picture. Each Pepper is a 1 of a kind token with actual in-game utilities. The core value of a Pepper increases every time a new game feature is released. The long-term plan is to continuously add values to Peppers so that early investors are rewarded.

Passive Income Stream

Pepper Investors can stake their Mystic Peppers to earn MYTE, a currency token with transactional values. Players use MYTE to pay for in-game items and characters. Once the marketplace is ready, MYTE can also be used for trading or buying other NFTs.

Solid Tokenomics

The Pepper Tokenomics cover many aspects of the game economy and has been reviewed carefully by the community. It explains clearly how MYTE will be distributed, earned and spent inside and outside of the game.

Excellent Execution

The Pepper Team has proven to be capable of delivering great results on time. As gamers at heart, they understand how to make a great gaming experience and value the opinions from players. They constantly interact with gamers to answer questions and get feedback for improvement.

Financial Security

The Pepper Team is financially prepared to function without external funding. Regardless of the initial sales, everything defined in the roadmap will be finished as planned. The revenue from initial sales will allow the team to hire more talents for growth as well as to add new elements to the game.

Strong Community

The Pepper Community (Pepperfam) is a tight-knit community of over 5000 smart and friendly people investing and having fun together. They have been providing valuable feedback and have a substantial influence on the project. Pepperfam loves meeting new friends and looks forward to having you join them on this journey.



What is Pepper Attack?

Pepper Attack is the first 10,000 NFT collection that has actual gameplay following it. It is a real-time strategy game with token-earning mechanics that will reward players for investing in their NFTs. Pepper owners can drive the game economy by mining, trading and participating in battle.

Why should I own Mystic Peppers?

Financial Investment: Mystic Peppers are an asset that intrinsic value will increase over time. A big portion of all game tokens (30%) belong to Mystic Pepper owners. This amount is equal to the amount Pepper Guild owns, and it is 3 times more than the developer's rewards (see tokenomics). Mystic Pepper owners will be big players in the game economy and benefit most from the growth of the game.

Influence: As a community-based project, the developers listen and work closely with the players. Before the team decides on a major change, they consult the opinions of the community first and act upon that. Mystic Pepper owners are the first players that participate in the early development of the game. Thus, they have the most power to influence game development process. This development method has been in action since the beginning of Pepper Attack.

Community: Pepperfam is a community of friendly and well-informed people who love to share their experiences and knowledge with others. People trust in the project, and the developers work for the benefit of the players. It is one of those rare communities that people are there to help each other to be successful. Many key members of Pepperfam play important roles in the project development, for instance, building the gameplay, creating the tokenomics, making marketing plans, and executing charity initiatives.

How does MYTE work?

MYTE is a super rare metal that can be used for buying items, powering up and participating in various events. Read more about MYTE in our tokenomics.

Will there be more Peppers other than Mystic Peppers?

More types of Peppers, such as Pepper Lady, will be introduced in the game. They are either given to players during the sale process or recruited with MYTE.

All Peppers come with base stats and can participate in Adventure, Contests and Events. However, only the first 10,000 Mystic Pepper can be used to mine MYTE. This ability will not be shared by any future Peppers.

How many Peppers should I buy?

The game is designed so that you only need one Pepper to play. To fully experience the game, it is recommended to have 5+ Peppers.


Roadmap (2/5)

July 24, 2021 [COMPLETED]

- 10,000 Mystic Peppers NFT available to mint on website.

July 31, 2021 [COMPLETED]

- All Peppers' classes, attributes and stats are revealed.

Mid October, 2021

- Tokenomics and whitepaper are published.
- Layer 2 migration.
- MYTE is introduced to the game.
- Mystic Peppers can start the mining process to generate MYTE weekly.

Q1 - 2022

- Players can earn MYTE and items by playing Adventure Mode.
- Players can boost the power of their Peppers with items.

Q2 - 2022

- Contests are introduce to the game.
- Players can compete with each other for ranking and rewards.

Q4 - 2022

- Building iOS and Android versions of Pepper Attack.
- Adding Events such as Pepper Arena and Black Rock.


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