MYTE is the currency token for the Pepper Attack. Players purchase MYTE to exchange for in-game assets and win MYTE from tournaments. There is a big plan MYTE in the future, below is a list of possible use cases.

Why is MYTE a great investment?Why is MYTE a great investment?

Game Economy

MYTE is part of a holistic gaming system. Players will seek to own MYTE and exchange it for items and services inside the game.

Growing Community

MYTE is backed by an active community of over 30,000 crypto investors and the number is growing.

Real Utility

MYTE is designed to be used for various purposes. With time, people will be able to use MYTE to buy tokens, digital products and real-world items.

How to earn MYTE?How to earn MYTE?

Get Mystic Pepper
Play Pepper Attack