Lurking in the corner of the Pepper Forest lies the entrance to a tunnel whose small opening is covered with the fallen branches of trees long forgotten, yet overgrown with moss.
The tunnel hides the entrance to what stories refer to as the Fluky Maze, a mysterious underground colony told to have thousands of rooms. Many believe ancient treasures lie locked within a number of those rooms.
Still, since the maze is constantly changing its structure, the more fortunate explorers who find treasure are rarely lucky enough to also find their way out. Sadly, most Peppers never return to tell the tale... except one. This one Pepper who could navigate the shifting halls of the Fluky Maze and escape with both life and loot is the renowned explorer, Lady Purira. Humbled while mastering the variants of this Fluky Maze, Lady Purira is always happy to lend a helping hand to a well-respected Pepper like yourself.
She explains that you will need a magical key to unlock a room. Due to the maze's unknown mystical nature, it always consumes the key upon use. Inside each room lies a treasure potentially worth 500 to 100,000 MYTE. Some rooms, however, are protected by ancient monsters. If a room is guarded, even Purira herself will not be able to retrieve the treasure, and she will be forced to return empty-handed. On the other hand, if a room is free of monsters, Purira will bring the treasure back to you safely.
Will you find the treasure hidden inside the Fluky Maze? A key holds the answer!