Aurora Rising! Available from August 12th through August 14th!

Aurora Rising! Available from August 12th through August 14th!

Aug 4, 2022 09:19 PM
The druid Aurora showed herself briefly in the past, but being more secretive than not, quickly withdrew into the shadows. Ready to shine again, she’s rising one final time… join us in Aurora Rising!
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The limited Hero NFT “Aurora” is available one last time!
The Pepper Hero NFT “Aurora” will be available for the last time from Friday, August 12th at 11:00 am EST through Sunday, August 14th at Midnight EST. There will be 400 Aurora NFTs available!
Aurora will be available at the usual 0.015 ETH to mint. There will be an order limit of 10 Aurora per mint but no limit on the amount you hold in your account. Mint a one-of-a-kind Aurora NFT here:

Who is Aurora in the Pepper Attack World?

Aurora is a wise druid who has devoted her life to protecting nature. Secretive about her past but rumored among those who view her from afar, legend says she was raised by a mythical beast and can speak with any animal. Aurora is an advanced brewer and alchemist, and while you can find an impressive array of brews and potions in her hut and secured to her belt, it’s wise to know the difference! A master of energy and the regenerative arts, her unique skill is filling her teammates' energy bars, allowing them to burn, heal, or slice more often.
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With regeneration speed suddenly giving a team a decisive advantage in battle, Aurora is an important member in your bullpen! Only 400 Aurora Hero NFTs will be available here. The promotion will end when either all 400 have found a home or the promotion ends on Sunday.

Pepper Attack NFTs! Relive the Fantasy!

We believe there is a child in everyone who is still excited about dragons and fairies or an adventurer ready to leave the mundanity to embark on a new journey. For this reason, we have filled Pepper World with mysterious creatures, shiny treasures, and thrilling stories to let your imagination run wild.
Blockchain technology has allowed wealth to be created in many creative ways, and one application is gaming. At the core of Pepper Attack’s economy, your actions will generate value for yourself and the whole ecosystem.
While immersing yourself in numerous fun activities, you will also learn new skills, forge legendary items, and become a key player in a new and growing community!
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Community is at the heart of Pepper Attack. There are regular events, games, and contests for community members to participate in and get to know each other. You are invited to share your ideas, build the game, make friends, and do great things together.
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