Pepper Attack Migrated To Polygon-Matic!
Pepper Attack Migrated To Polygon-Matic!

Pepper Attack Migrated To Polygon-Matic!

Nov 6, 2021 09:20 PM
The NFT based play-to-earn game “Pepper Attack” has decided to move “lock, stock, and barrel” to the layer 2 Polygon Network rather than remain on Ethereum. The “Pepperfam” NFT owner community voted to support the move, even though it would delay the start of the passive daily income that comes with ownership of the “Mystic Pepper” NFTs.
The initial discussion started when Ethereum’s gas fees began to skyrocket, and it was realized that the community would not only be stuck paying the high fees to acquire additional Mystic Pepper NFTs (that only NFTs with the ability to mine the token $MYTE) but for other transactions as well. Polygon assures gas/transaction fees that are a tiny percentage of the fees now charged as gas on the Ethereum network.
The move will be implemented on November 1st. Additionally on November 14th, AFTER THREE DAYS of the ability to mint for only .07 ETH and NO GAS FEES, it will go to the current cost of .15 ETH to mint (buy/create) any remaining Mystic Peppers.
There are only around 3,000 of the initial 10,000 Mystic Peppers available, so there’s a good chance they will sell out before the 3 days are over.
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The Pepperfam Helps Save $300,000

Not only did the community support the move, but some of the suggestions from Pepperfam members helped perfect it. Since the game is still in development, launching the game itself on the Polygon Network didn’t propose much of a problem. However, there was an issue that closes to 8,000 NFTs were already minted and living on the Ethereum side.
This doesn’t propose an issue in itself, but since the game, daily mining, the marketplace, and future transactions would be on the Polygon Network, all NFTs already created had to be moved over… the typical gas fee ranging from around $20 to $50 per NFT. With some owners holding over 100 Mystic Peppers in their wallets, this wasn’t a cost the Pepper Team wanted to drop on the community’s laps. The images left on Ethereum also needed to be changed so potential OpenSea buyers would not purchase them to play the game with them.
Other games had solved this by cloning the existing collection onto Polygon and leaving a “dummy” NFT in their places on the Ethereum Network. Some replaced the image on the old NFTs with a message, and others changed the images themselves to something that creatively gave them the message. This wasn’t acceptable to the Pepper Dev Team, because it required tampering with the images on an NFT without the owner’s knowledge.
The Pepperfam saved the day! During ongoing discussions with the community, various suggestions were made to solve the problems and it was ideas from the community that led the team to the current solution at hand. The result was a solution that will only cost Mystic Pepper holders a few dollars to implement… not a few dollars “per NFT”, but “per account”.

The new “Legend Medal” NFT will be left in its place!

In addition, each NFT moved to Polygon will leave in its place a collectible NFT that not only will be free to each member but be used in the future as a key that opens the door to other benefits in the Pepper Realm, the “Legend Medal”… since we believe all of our “OG” Pepperfam members are legends!
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The process will be simple:
  • Proceed to the bridge page
  • Click “Bridge All” and be connected to Metamask
  • Accept the nominal fee and confirm the move
  • Receive your identical NFT on the Matic Network
  • Enjoy the “Legend Medal” medal in its place
Since the Legend Medal NFT will hold future value and act as a key to special offers and abilities, Pepperfam members who own more than one Mystic Pepper will benefit by receiving multiple “Legend” NFTs as well. They will need to decide whether to hold on to multiples of the special NFTs or consider selling them to others as the family grows.
Pepper Attack is an NFT based play-to-earn strategy game living on the blockchain. The first NFTs offered, the Mystic Peppers, are the only peppers that will ever be able to mine $MYTE, the game’s token. Both $MYTE and the Mystic Peppers carry value and can be traded like any other NFT or blockchain token.
More information, Mystic Peppers (if still available) as well as the gameplay description, white paper, and tokenomics, can be found at
To ask questions, get to know us, or join the Pepperfam yourself, you can go to and meet the real heroes of the story.