How to play Fluky Maze?

How to play Fluky Maze?

Feb 22, 2022 01:46 AM
2. Connect your wallet (you must have Polygon added to Metamask) 3. Click "Search treasure" & confirm in Metamask 4. When you see "Seeking 1 Treasure", wait for a few minutes until you see "Found 1 Treasure". 5- Click "Retrieve Reward" & confirm in Metamask. 6- Reward will be shown on screen, &/or on left of the main screen. Depending on the speed of the Polygon Network, each step can take a few minutes, please be patient. You can also refresh the page at any time. The upside is gas will be less than a penny. You will need around 1 token MATIC to pay for gas. You can get this for free by using the "Polygon Faucet" (google it) or usually someone in the PA Discord will be happy to send you some.
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