Welcome! Here's a Short Message & Special Offer!Welcome! Here's a Short Message & Special Offer!

Start FAST with this NEW PLAYER ONLY Arcane Package! This is limited to first-timers ONLY, and will not be offered to you again after this initial sequence!

3 Pepper Hero NFTs! You now have 3 starter Peppers! You'll have fun, learn the game, and can earn tokens just with these 3! However, a full team is FIVE Peppers. With 5 or more Peppers, you'll have more fun, additional strategies, easier wins, and minted Pepper NFTs will rank anywhere from common to Rare, Epic or even Legendary, adding higher skills and more!

30,000 MYTE! Our token MYTE can be used to get in-game items like healing potions, Beer Tickets, LionHearts, Stimulants, and more, all created to enhance your game experience! MYTE can also be traded directly for tokens on the Polygon Blockchain.

30 CROWN: CROWN is an in-game only token used to play exciting mini games that earn the players in-game items, boosts, & more. These items will help you climb the leaderboards during weekly tournaments rewarding the token MYTE & other valuable items to the top 1,000 players!

A Genesis Reward Card: The Genesis Reward Card is only available on rare occasions, and it cannot be purchased on its own! As you play the game it will reward you with three more FREE Pepper Attack NFTs with a mint price of 0.23 ETH! Get a Hero Pepper, sold out Mystic Pepper, & Genesis Pepper, as well as in-game items, speed boosts, and more.

The items above sell/have sold at mint prices on our website for 0.296 ETH, not including the CROWN and thousands of free in-game items you will earn over time playing as a Genesis Reward Card Owner.

  • 3 Hero Pepper NFTs: Normally 0.02 ETH each or 0.06 ETH total for the 3
  • 30,000 MYTE: With a brighter future, appx 0.006 ETH/$8 (will vary daily)
  • 30 CROWN: Cannot be purchased, so are greatly sought by players
  • Genesis Card: Earn 0.23 ETH in NFTs + 3,000+ items FREE as you play

Take advantage NOW & save 0.246 ETH over actual live mint prices! Even without the free NFTs you'll earn as you play, and the CROWN & MYTE Tokens, if you simply minted 3 Hero Pepper NFTs today, it would cost 0.06 ETH.


You can mint the entire Arcane Package TODAY,
for only 0.05 eth TOTAL on the Polygon Network!

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