The Open Beta Starts This Month!

The Open Beta Starts This Month!

Apr 16, 2022 09:09 AM
The start of the Pepper Attack beta has been announced. We'll start with a shorter private beta, and then an open beta later in April that all Pepper NFT holders will be invited to!
Each of the beta segments has its own requirements. The closed beta will be made up of players who won a beta testing spot in past contests, and also anyone who holds a Gold or Dragon level Pepper Pass NFT. These were won by holding a minimum of either 11 or 51 Mystic Peppers during a promotion back in 2021.
Mystic Peppers made up the game’s initial NFT launch and can earn up to 5400 MYTE Tokens monthly in passive rewards, and there are still Mystic Peppers available to mint today! The open beta can be enjoyed by any Pepper NFT holder, either Mystic or Hero. The “Hero Pepper” NFT collection was launched in late March and at only .015 weth (the Polygon version of Ethereum) allows just about anyone to jump in and potentially earn with an investment of around only $40.00. Go grab a Hero now at
The closed beta has features that will show the gameplay and open the Pepper holder’s ability to earn MYTE in a fun and competitive manner. (yes! players can earn rewards during the beta phase) Teams of up to five Pepper NFTs will match their skills against teams of from one to five monsters of various strengths and skillsets.
Players will strategically choose their Pepper team, focusing on putting the “tankier” members in the front of the pack to soak up early damage. It’s not yet known if teams of more defense or offensive orientation will prevail… or a combination… but the upcoming beta testers will certainly have the chance to try various combos and draw their own conclusions. Make sure your team is ready!
Also, Pepper holders will be invited to participate in daily contests throughout the closed beta period. Prizes include the token MYTE, and both Mystic and Hero Pepper NFTs that will be awarded randomly in various amounts to add to the fun.
Make sure to check the Discord daily for updates, and we hope to see YOU in the open beta!