How to earn MYTE Tokens

Get some Peppers
Mine $MYTE with your Peppers
Sit back and relax. Peppers will mine automatically everyday thanks to the power of the blockchain.
Each Pepper will earn you 150 MYTE/day, everyday and 54,750 MYTE/year.

What are the cool things about Pepper Attack?

Long-term Growth

A Pepper NFT is more than a profile picture. Each Pepper is a 1 of a kind token with actual in-game utilities. The core value of a Pepper increases as the character evolves along with the game.

Token earning mechanism

Mystic Peppers can also participate in the mining game to earn MYTE, a currency token with transactional values. Players use MYTE to exchange for items, characters as well as other products and services.

Financial Security

The Pepper Team is financially prepared to function without any external funding. Regardless of the sales and the market conditions, everything defined in the roadmap will be finished as planned.

Solid Tokenomics

The Pepper Tokenomics cover many aspects of the game economy and has been reviewed carefully by the community. It explains clearly how MYTE will be distributed, earned and spent inside and outside of the game.

Excellent Execution

The Pepper Team has proven to be capable of delivering product with great quality. As gamers at heart, they understand how to make a great gaming experience and strive to bring the best values to the gaming community.

Strong Community

Pepperfam is a active community of over 14,000 smart and friendly people playing and having fun together. They have been providing valuable feedback and have a substantial influence on the project.