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How to Mint Peppers?

Complete these steps to prepare for minting.
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Play and Earn

What Can I Mint?

You'll get a unique Pepper character with random stats and rarity. All metadata will be revealed on March 28.
There are 6 Pepper characters available: Chilli, Bell, Reaper, Habanero, Ghost and Purira.
See more here.
Stats will determine the combat power of a Pepper. Each Pepper comes with a primary stat that makes him fearsome in combat.
The rarity of a Pepper is based on its Growth Point (GP), which will influence how stronger a Pepper can grow with boosting.

What Can You Do With Pepper NFTs?

Play and explore the game world of Pepper Attack
Earn $MYTE tokens and valuable game items
Take part in future mini-games in the Pepper Metaverse


Frequently Aksed Questions

What is Pepper Attack?


A play-and-earn strategy game with not only great battle mechanics but also a vast options of activities, including alchemy, smithing, handcrafting and questing.

What is the Pepper Metaverse?

Pepper Metaverse

A virtual world where all Peppers reside. It has a rich history of thousands of years, ready for the players to explore. The Pepper Metaverse is accessible through the Pepper Attack RPG games, land ownership, motion-pictures, and marketplace.

What is MYTE?

What is MYTE?

MYTE is the currency token for the Pepper Metaverse. Players can use MYTE to purchase in-game characters, items and lands. MYTE holders will also get rewards from Pepper Pool and can exchange them for real value items in the Pepper Ecommerce ecosystem. Read more about MYTE.

What is Pepper Land?

Pepper Land

An area in the Pepper Metaverse where players can take ownership, build infrastructure and generate income.



Pepper Attack is built around a really solid community. They're incredibly community focused, they have a very tight-knit community of people who have been helping to give feedback, to drive direction of this game. They've really built up this community over time and that's one of the very big strong points I think of this project.
- Crypto Stache -


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